Monday, February 15, 2016

Say NO to the convention of the States in the Virginia Legialture

Just Say No: HJ3, HJ90

The fact that these two bills got to the floor from the House Rules Committee via an undocketed hearing should be distressing enough to make people question the motives and methods of the promoters of an Article V convention. Why were COS supporters alerted but no one else?

The facts vs claims about an Article V convention are clear for what powers it assigns to which governmental bodies.

This decades-old trend comes back again and again, apparently in hopes that constitutionally literate voters will buy into its claims. Last time it enjoyed this much notoriety, Democrats were for it; now only Republicans support it. Could there be an agenda among the promoters? There are many ready to use constitutions waiting in the wings. None afford us more freedom.

Despite the fact that no one has ever read what is in the "Convention of States" (COS) "amendments package", good people have been fooled into thinking COS offers some hope. The House obviously needs to do more homework and stop listening to only one side about HJ3. Its claims are actually dangerous.

The other bill, HJ90, calls for a convention based on a single amendment, the misleading Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) which will allow Congress or its chosen delegates (which may or may not be the states, but if they are, the electoral college method is likely to be used) to increase the power of federal government by making legal what is now spent unconstitutionally.

The US Constitution isn't the problem. Therefore, changing it isn't the solution.

A convention cannot be controlled by anyone other than those in the delegation. The delegatim would have power superior to states and Congress while in convention and therefore can do whatever they want to our governing document. We cannot stop what they do if we don't like their direction. One amendment could change our entire way of life in a convention. Its procedures may never be known to us. Taking the time to thoroughly study the history of this trend is clearly warranted so that legislators know EXACTLY what they are voting to do to their constituents and everyone else in the country; this doesn't only affect Virginia.

Please do not vote for either the BBA or the COS Article V convention application.

Cary Nunnally
Citizens for Constitutional Government
804 577 0504

"I have ended slavery. I have tamed the West. I have established law and order." From I Am a Gun by R.G. Yoho.

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