Monday, March 31, 2014

Ted Cruz: ‘Yes We Can’ Stop Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Of America – Can we trust the Texas Senator?

Commentary by Kirby Harris

ted_cruz_speaks_lecturnIs Ted Cruz gearing up for a 2016 Presidential run or just standing up for America, the People and the Constitution?

Does what he say about defending the Constitution match his views and actions as a US Senator?

Can he legally and Constitutionally run for President, since he was born in Canada, though to an American mother?

Does his wife’s working for the Federal Reserve throw doubt on Senator Cruz? Does she still work for it or is that a past mistake on her part? Would Ron Paul endorse Cruz IF he was a stooge of the Federal Reserve?

Can we lover’s of Liberty trust him?

If he truly believes and supports what he says in this video, then yes he is a true blue Statesman and NOT just another politician. IF its all talk , then of course no we can’t?

WATCH THE VIDEO and you decide:

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