Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sarvis responds to the attacks by his campaign on Donna Holt and calling Agenda 21 a conspiracy theory

by Kirby Harris

Recently there was an attack by the Sarvis Campaign on Liberty Movement Hero and Activist Donna Holt and calling Agenda 21 a whacko conspiracy theory that Donna was spreading. I sent a letter to Sarvis directly through his Facebook Accounts.

My letter to him is laid out here in this article by me.

Robert Sarvis has responded to me directly. The him referred to in his response is his campaign manager John Vaught LaBeaume:


Robert Sarvis

Hi Kirby. I haven't actually seen the tweet but have heard there's quite a reaction to it. I certainly wasn't involved in the tweet and have already raked him over the coals for injecting his own editorial comments. I previously answered a question about Agenda 21 in this video at 2:10

As for Donna Holt, I know she is involved in the liberty movement. I haven't met her, I don't think, but I have recently seen her name explicitly associated with blatant and clearly intentional misrepresentations of my positions. I don't know what was said about her in any tweets but the smear campaign is just rank dishonesty.


Here is the screen capture:

sarvis response to me

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