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George Allen Anti-Gun Record, Bob Marshall Passed 100%

CHECK OUT THIS EMAIL FROM : Gun Owners of America Dudley Brown via 
George Allen's anti-gun record is dangerous to Virginia gun owners. 
With your Republican U.S. Senate primary taking place tomorrow in 
Virginia, I want to make sure you are armed with gun rights facts. 

Republican candidate Delegate Bob Marshall returned his National 
Association for Gun Rights Candidate Survey 100% in favor of our 
right to keep and bear arms

The bad news is, George Allen refused to respond. But I'm not 
surprised -- his anti-gun record is well-chronicled. Please read the
detailed analysis of George Allen's anti-gun record in my email 
below. -- Dudley

I have some bad news. George Allen’s anti-gun 
crusade will continue if he gets back to the 
U.S. Senate

More on that in a minute. Now, sometimes folks 
assume that just because a politician is a 
Republican, they ‘re a solid supporter of the 
Second Amendment. 

I hope you don’t make that mistake. You see, 
you and I are only a handful of votes shy in 
the U.S. Senate of losing our right to keep 
and bear arms. We have the most anti-gun 
administration in nearly 20 years. 

The last time such a rabid anti-gunner was 
in charge in Washington, we got the Brady Bill, 
a ban an entire class of semi-automatic 
hunting and target rifles, and millions of gun 
owners lost their rights. Unfortunately, it’s 
virtually certain that we won’t have a true gun
rights hero in the White House regardless of who 
wins this November. 

That’s why it’s especially vital that gun 
owners know where every candidate for U.S. 
Senate stands. And that’s why we sent candidate 
surveys to the Republican candidates for U.S. 
Senate in Virginia asking very specific questions 
about where each candidate stands on your gun 
rights. The results might shock you. 

First, the good news, Republican candidate 
DelegateBob Marshall has returned his survey 
100% in support of your right to keep and bear 
arms. This should come as no surprise. Delegate 
Bob Marshall has a long history of fighting for 
Virginian’s gun rights in the House of Delegates. 

In the General Assembly, Delegate Bob Marshall 
was the chief co-sponsor of the repeal of the 
unconstitutional one-gun-a-month rationing 
scheme that finally passed this year. Delegate 
Bob Marshall also led the charge to expand the 
right of law-abiding citizens to carry their 
firearms on college campuses. Marshall has 
pledged to continue his long support of gun 
rights in the United States Senate. However, 
I do have some disturbing news. Republican 
candidate George Allen refused to answer 
our survey. This isn't new. Some politicians 
refuse to answer the tough questions we ask.

Unfortunately, when politicians refuse to 
answer, it virtually always means they’d vote 
anti-gun if elected. Often, it’s a sign that 
they’re hiding their anti-gun views -- and 
George Allen’s anti-gun record will shock you!

*** George Allen proudly declared his 
support for the so-called “Assault 
Weapons” ban and pledged to renew it. 1

*** George Allen supported and refused 
to repeal Virginia’s unconstitutional, 
and recently repealed, one-gun-a-month 
gun rationing scheme. 2

*** George Allen voted to crack down 
on private gun sales, and to end private 
gun sales at gun shows. 3

*** George Allen believes magazines 
capable of holding more than ten 
rounds of ammunition should be 
outlawed. 4

*** George Allen supports stringent 
background checks as a condition of 
owning a firearm. 5

*** George Allen voted for legislation 
that would coerce gun owners into locking
 up their firearms or face criminal 
prosecution. 6

*** George Allen believes that handgun 
buyers should be tracked in a massive 
centralized database. 7

*** George Allen pledged to support 
mandatory trigger locks for all 
firearms. 8

*** George Allen pledged a crackdown 
on enforcement of currently existing 
unconstitutional federal gun laws. 9

George Allen has joined with liberals time
and time again in opposing your God-given 
constitutional right to self-defense. 
Furthermore, with Allen’s refusal to answer 
the National Association for Gun Rights 
candidate survey, voters have no idea if he 
is in favor of the U.N. gun controls that
are right now looming over our head.

Allen may not have answered our survey, but 
his abysmal record on our gun rights is crystal 
clear. Allacross the country anti-gun lawmakers 
andpoliticians are pushing the same anti-gun
platform as George Allen has throughout his

The next U.S. Senator from Virginia will face
important choices on many or all of these
issues. So, the question is: How long will it 
take George Allen to cave in like a house of 
cards as he has so many times before? Allen is
likely to sell-out gun owners the first time 
it’s politically expedient to do so. It makes
sense. Many of the gun controls that passed 
during the Clinton Administration were supported 
by weak-kneed Republicans who often say 
“politics is the art of compromise.” 

Nothing gets my blood boiling as much as 
politicians playing fast and loose with our constitutionally-protected right to keep and 
bear arms.  With all that’s at stake this 
election year, and with your June 12th Republican
Primary fast approaching, it’s crucial that 
freedom-loving citizens of Virginia State know 
exactly where their candidates stand on the 
Second Amendment. 

That’s why it’s vital you send George Allen a message.Demand that George Allen apologize for 
his abysmal record on gun rights. Demand that 
he answer the National Association for Gun 
Rights survey 100% in favor of your gun rights, 
and pledge that if elected he will stop acting 
like a gun-grabber and cast his votes in support
of our Second Amendment rights. But there isn't 
much time. Here’s what you can do to help:

o   Thank Delegate Bob Marshall for his 
100% support of your right to keep and 
bear arms!

o   Give Republican candidate George 
Allen an earful by calling him at 
804-726-2012. Demand that he answer 
the National Association for Gun Rights 
survey 100% in favor of your gun rights,
and pledge that in the future, he will 
stand up to the gun-grabbers and cast his 
votes in support of the Second Amendment.

There’s no doubt about it, the upcoming elections 
will have a greater impact on our Second Amendment 
rights than any other election in our lifetime.
Andwith so much at stake, I’m really going above 
andbeyond to make sure every person in Virginia 
whocares about the Second Amendment knows exactly 
wheretheir candidates stand. And I’m counting on 
good folks like you to help make that possible. 
So please, consider making a generous contribution
of $15, $25, $50 or perhaps even $100 -- or 
whatever you can afford -- to help me contact 
as many Virginia citizens as possible. But most importantly, contact Republican George Allen and 
tell him change his position on the Second 
Amendment. There’s not a moment to lose. Please 
act today!

For Freedom,
Dudley Brown     
Executive Vice President

P.S. Republican U.S. Senate candidate George
Allen won’t answer the National Association
for Gun Rights candidate survey -- and his
long history of supporting left-wing gun
control schemes is crystal clear. Gun owners
must demand answers. It’s vital that you 
contact George Allen at once and demand he 
apologize to gun owners for his gun-grabbing 
past, and answer the National Association for 
Gun Rights candidate survey 100% pro-gun 

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Governor campaign policy statement. 8. 
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