Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bob Marshall: Why Meddle with the Constitution?

 Check out this article by Bob Marshall in the Richmond Times Dispatch called "Why Meddle with the Constitution?"

The article is about why the Repeal Amendment (not to be confused with the Obamacare Repeal Law) is a bad idea because it calls for a Constitutional Convention to add an amendment that would allow states (30 total) to Repeal Federal Law they didn't like it.

But the Problem with holding a Constitutional Convention for only one amendment is:

There is nothing stopping them from adding more amendments, or subtracting them, or God forbid abolishing the whole Constitution and replacing it, as our Founders replaced the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution.

We lucked out back then because most of the Founders were moral men and had just suffered under a Tyrannous Central Government called England. also, the Articles of Confederation made the Federal Government to weak. So all these factors  made them want to create a document that made the Federal slightly stronger without taking very much power from the states and prevent another tyrannous Central government.

Would you trust the current crop of politicians with the power to alter the Constitution in any way they saw fit? I tremble at the thought.

But enough with the intro to Bob Marshall's article. Click for it here

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